Featured Poet: Suzi Szabó (Halifax, UK)


Suzie Szabó is a Calder Valley poet whose writing I first discovered at the Fox and Goose poetry night, Pencilvania, in Hebden Bridge, last year.  She says, "I write a lot of nature poetry. I'm thinking of making a collection of nature inspired poems along with photographs of weird and wonderful trees." The following is Suzie's poem, Mytholmroyd Tree, inspired by a tree on the way out of the town. It is a tree which, judging by its apparent age, would no doubt have been there in Ted Hughes' day.  He didn't write any poems about it, though, so thank goodness we have Suzie's with which to celebrate its strangely distinctive, quiet beauty.

Mytholmroyd tree

I have long since admired

your bare beauty

Naked and proud

unlike the others

huddling together

for comfort

You stand alone


With apparent death mask

of unequalled beauty

An almost white against the blue

is how I most enjoy your company

If you could talk

what would you say?

Keep writing,   
the roots are still alive!


  1. The poem is lovely and so beautifully describedand the end is terrific. It makes me want to see it

  2. There is a video of the poem here, where I read it at the location of the tree: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MM_iB7-fGvA