Sunday, 17 November 2019

Three poems from a forthcoming poetry collection

With more concrete news to come, I am very happy to reveal that in early 2020, I will have a collection of poetry published by Brambleby Books, Devon, which is currently undergoing the final editing stages.  I would like to share three poems and photographs from the book, below:

GARDEN SNAIL (Cornu aspersum)

Like a hollowed hazelnut
your shell, round-mouthed,
is whorled
in spiral bands.


Slugs, like fat black seals on sea-front snow,
crowd the drizzled concrete,
ebony clouds massing
in a sky of raindrop stars,
bistre blisters,
bronze brigades,
maroon platoons
and coral mobs,
slugs the colour of satsumas
sousing steps and driveways,
announcing saponaceous presences,
making themselves at home,
kicking back, and settling in for the night.


Like a blob of lipstick
splodged with mascara,
the ladybird catches light,
pedal-legging over leaves
in twilight rain,
like a small
spray-painted bubble.
Ruby globule,
sliding over stems,
a glutton for greenfly -
this domino-goblin
is a manic ember,
summer's gloss tar-toughening,
hardening this delicate diablo
into a pearly fist.

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