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Details: caterpillarpoetry@gmail.com

I am in the process of adding to this page. Most items available from me, various shops, or libraries.

Poetry Collections:

Little Creatures  (Caterpillar Poetry 2013)

Dream Sequence  (Caterpillar Poetry 2013)

Random Journeys (The Unpretentious Arts 2014)


Freezings (Cascading Fictions 2013)


A Humble Station? Branwell Brontë's Calder Valley Years http://www.humblestation.co.uk/humstat/home.aw

Reviews appearing elsewhere than this blog:

My review of Victoria Gatehouse's Light After Light https://www.halifaxcourier.co.uk/whats-on/entertainment/victoria-s-unique-approach-to-poetry-1-9218351

I have written numerous nature articles for the Halifax Courier and associated papers:

The Importance of Teazle:

Since 2002, my poetry and fiction have appeared in magazines and online. I have listed these, in two sections, in descending chronological order below, omitting any works which went on to be redeveloped or are still works-in-progress, and followed by information on where the pieces featured may be found:

March 2019: Common Names for Imaginary Flowers, Allegro Poetry https://www.allegropoetry.org/p/issue-20-march-2019.html

February 2019: Plastic Monkeys, Riggwelter Press https://issuu.com/riggwelter/docs/issue_19

Spring 2013: Norland Moor, March 2013, Tears in the Fence

January 2011:  Spring, Acumen

Spring 2009:  Slugs, Iota

Spring 2007:  Song Thrush, Other Poetry

Winter 2007: Guns (Later appearing untitled as one of the pieces in Dream Sequence)
                      July         All these three in Inclement

Autumn 2008: Urban Fox, Weasel, In Posse Review "Weasel" later appeared in my 2014 collection Random Journeys; "Urban Fox" as yet unpublished elsewhere.  https://inpossereview.com/IPR_Zonenblick.htm

October 2008: Canning Town, Poetrymonthly.com (despite its name, this zine was, confusingly, in print)
Winter 2006: Seaweed, Other Poetry

August 2005: Engagement, The Black Rose

August 2005:  Hedghehog Sanctuary, The Leeds Gardener

Spring 2005: Vegetability, Obsessed with Pipework

Spring 2004: Flower, Amber Sillhouettes

February 2004: Repression, The Black Rose

August 2003: It Could Be Worse, The Black Rose

February 2003: The Gypsy's Farewell, The Black Rose.  This was the first poem of mine to ever be accepted for publication, the previous autumn.

Short stories:

Spring 2008: Dreams of Dancing, The Magpie's Nest

Spring 2004: Community Spirit, Dial 174


Youtube videos and short films:


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